• No elaborate foundation (gravel, etc.) required: natural and stable ground is adequate for construction of the riding surface.
  • No surface watering
  • No dust formation
  • This riding surface system provides a good and pleasant air quality, particularly in Indoor arenas.
  • Especially for Indoor arenas: no visual disturbance from architectural elements and no additional noise from sprinkler systems.
  • The system functions identically for outdoor and indoor riding surfaces: the system is extended by the function of drainage and irrigation in the case of outdoor riding surfaces and by the function of riding surface irrigation in the case of indoor riding surfaces.
  • The riding surface receives a constant basic moisture level and its elasticity through the capillary action of the sand.
  • The constant basic moisture level in the footing layer keeps the surface elastic and reduces the formation of hoof marks.
  • You have the same basic moisture level and therefore surface quality on each square metre of the riding arena.
  • The quality of the riding surface can be individually adapted to the respective requirements of the equestrian disciplines via the riding arena control system.
  • Fully automatic adjustment and restoration of the individually specified moisture content of the riding surface.
    A major advantage of the Risohorse® ebb and flow irrigation system is that no breaks have to be provided for irrigation of the surface between the individual trials in riding tournaments.

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